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Details about the store itself.


The Upcycle Exchange is…

a curated wonderland of supplies for makers.


Tucked in between restaurants on historic South Grand Boulevard in St. Louis, you will find our bright, beautiful space filled with craft materials, vintage ephemera, and durable disposables. Pricing in the shop is pay-as-you-wish, and we offer in-store credit for items on our wish-list. Our inventory is based on surveys of what crafters are looking for, popular items used in projects found on Pinterest, and indie craft trends.

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What we stock

See our wish-list for more details on dropping items off!

  • Fabric

  • Yarn

  • Sewng Notions, Trims, & Patterns

  • Knitting/Crochet Accessories & Patterns

  • Needlepoint Supplies

  • Feathers, Glitter, Sequins, Felt, Ribbon and Other Embellishments

  • Scrapbook Paper, Stamps, and Tools

  • Vintage Sheet Music, Maps, Postcards, and Ephemera

  • Jewelry and Beads

  • Paints, Brushes, and Fine Art Supplies

  • Frames

  • Wine corks, glass jars, metal tins, burlap bags, and bottle caps

  • Designer and Architectural Samples

  • Vintage Linens, Books, and Much More!



How does that work?

Grab a basket! There are no prices on individual items. The estimated value range that our customers have helped to establish is as follows:

  • Disposables (Wine bottles, egg cartons, etc.) – A few dollars/basket
  • Average Craft Essentials (ribbon, felt, wood pieces, frames,etc) – $20-$30/basket
  • High Value Items (dense amounts of fabric, boutique yarn, intricate stamps, etc) – $40-$50 or more/basket
  • Jewelry, Beads, and Loose Buttons –  50 cents to $3/ounce

When you check out, will approximate your price based on what the going rate for those items are in the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions


An Open Source Business

It all started in St. Louis…

With a supposition that the organic growth of individual small businesses is the most effective way to adapt to each community’s needs for the collection and disbursement of useful materials, The Upcycle Exchange maintains open documentation on operational procedures for other entrepreneurs to adapt and use freely. Indy Upcycle, Tampa Upcycle, and O.C.Buckels and Co. in Chattanooga, TN have been among our first sister stores, and many more are opening across the country, as well as in Canada and Europe. Though our St. Louis based location has engineered the core logistics for these small businesses, they continue to come up with ideas and observations that enlighten us as well!

You can visit to see all the locations that have opened, or in the process thereof. We also maintain documentation and procedures for the business model there.

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